Wedding Photos
Photos Dulal took of the rehearsal and rehearsal luncheon
Leah and Noel
Dave, Noah, Isaac, Linda
Tammy, Leah, Noah, Aaron
Lining up for the rehearsal march
Waiting in the hall
Dave and the Music
John and Isaac
Isaac and Leah practicing walking down the aisle
Leah and Isaac
Noel, Leah, Isaac, Noah
Noel, Leah, John, Isaac, Noah
Aaron, Tammy, Robert
Aaron, Tammy, Robert
Linda and Dave
Leah, John, Isaac
Isaac and Leah
Reza and others at rehearsal luncheon
Faria, Shamol, Omar, Asif
Linda, Beth
Aaron and desert
Aunt and Uncle of Leah
Tammy and Robert
Sarah and Linda
Beth and Sarah
Shamol, John, Isaac, Leah, etc.
Isaac, Leah
Beverly, Ranju, Bonna, Reza
Ranju, Reza, Bonna
Bonna, Reza, Leah
Noah, Stephanie
Asif, Omar
Sarah, Linda, Aaron
Beth, Uncle of Leah