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Why learn about volcanoes and how they have affected the lives of people who live near them? Learning about volcanoes/volcanic regions allows us to see how people have been closely connected throughout history.  People who live near volcanoes enjoy the fertile soil and minerals to the hot springs, while learning to live with the hazards associated with the volcano. It gives us a way to see what is inside of our planet.  Volcanoes give us beautiful gems and jewels too!  Why do we study their behaviors and how are volcanoes connected to power/electricity?  Fundamental concepts of volcanoes assists in the design of plants that are used to operate geothermal energy.  Geothermal power/energy is one clean alternative to future power production since fossil fuels will be depleated in 50 years.  Presently, the United States produces 2700 megawatts of power which is the equivalent of 50 million barrels of oil.  With the proper engineering, heat from the magma can be trapped for geothermal power generation.  Without this source, in approximately 50 years from now, we may all be living in the dark.  The more we know about volcanoes and harnessing their energy, the less likely we are to be without power/electricity in the future.

rex For more information on geothermal power go to the Geothermal Education Office website.

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