Topic 7: Internet Use in the Classroom


The Internet in the Classroom

Now that we've explored several ways to exploit the Internet more effectively both for your personal use and for your students, several important questions remain to be answered. Why integrate the Internet into the curriculum? To what extent is the Internet important for education? What is the balance between using the Internet and more traditional approaches to teaching and learning? How do we justify the need for connected computers in our classrooms to others? What does research tell us about integrating Internet technologies into the classroom? What are the most educationally effective uses of the Internet in the classroom?

We'll begin with PacBell's Knowledge Network's Around the Web in 80 Minutes. This site will provide you with a variety of tutorials and information on using the World Wide Web, ideas and technology for managing technology, theory and examples for educational technology, ways to tame the Internet, ideas and tools for Web publishing, and a variety of professional resources. Take time to explore this site.

Next we'll explore Susan Hixon's Integrating the Internet. This site will provide you with excellent primary sources, projects, units of study and a tutorial.

Of course, you will be asked to what extent is integrating the Internet into your curriculum an effective instructional strategy? One of the more exciting studies was conducted bySRI International on the Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project. This project was determined to be one of two exemplary projects by the U.S. Dept. of Education. Nguyen Van Tuyet has written an interesting article on Education into the 21st Century--The effectiveness of the Internet as an aid to classroom learning. He maintains that communications technologies make it necessary for educational institutions to rethink their role in the learning process.

Penn State University's College of Education maintains an excellent online bibliography of online resources on Internet -Based Distance Education. You may find some of the articles linked from this site useful and interesting. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning also has several interesting online articles about Distance Education and the effects of the Internet on Education.

Acceptable Use Policies

  • Does your school or district have an Acceptable Use Policy? Acceptable Use Policies are the rules and regulations governing use of technology and the Internet. Before allowing your students to use the Internet in your classroom you should be aware of what your district's Acceptable Use Policy is. Some excellent samples of Acceptable Use Policies are: