Topic 6: Beginning Your Project

  • For your course project you will create a Content Based Scavenger Hunt or WebQuest for your students or a bookmark list of resources for your own personal use.
  • We've explored bookmarking sites in your Bookmarks or Favorites folder, on zip of floppy disk, and on external servers that offer free space for storing your files. We've also explored both WebQuests and Filamentality. The project you develop should follow one of these three structures, and should be something that will be either useful to you personally or your students. In the Forum  post whether your project will be a WebQuest, Scavenger Hunt or Bookmark List. Please state the purpose for your project (lesson, unit of project for you students, or personal research).

  • After you choose what kind of project you will be posting for this course, begin to gather your resources and work on it.