Topic 5: Information Literacy and Support for Educators


Information Literacy

The American Library Association has identified nine important Information Literacy Standards. The standards are grouped into three categories. Visit the American Library Association's Information Literacy Standards Web site and read these standards. Book mark them for later reference. Then visit Jamie McKenzie's Web site, Beyond Technology to Information Literacy (From Now On–Jamie McKenzie, click on the Subject Index and then on Information Literacy, and find out what he has to say about Information Literacy. 

Online Educator Support Communities

Teaching can be an isolating profession. Because so much time is spent in the classroom with students, it is sometimes difficult to find time to share resources with other educators beyond the confines of our own schools and districts. When educators do get the opportunity to share resources and learn from each other it results in extending powerful learning opportunities to our students. Online classes, listservs and online educator discussion and chat resources can be important resources for all educators. They allow you to share resources and ideas with educators not only around the nation but around the world. Think of the amazing power and potential this has for our students!

There are many online resources for teachers. These include educational chat rooms and Multiuser Virtual Environments such as Tapped In,

Try joining Tapped In. Membership is free. You may use me as your reference when you fill out the application form. Tapped In has wonderful resources and excellent After School Online discussions. See their Event Calendar for topics, dates and times. If you click on a topic you will get detailed information on that topic. If you scroll to the top of that information page they have a wonderful Social Studies forum and an excellent early literacy discussion group, There are also excellent math and art science discussion groups. This is a great way to link up with teachers from all over the world. Find one online discussion that interests you and mark the date and time on your calendar as you would any face to face meeting. Try logging into Tapped In and attending this discussion. There is always a "Help Desk" person available in Tapped In if you need help. You can also email Judi Fusco at and tell her you are taking this course from me and you need help using Tapped in. Both the person on Help Desk and Judi will more more than happy to help you. You can always email me if you need more help.

There are also many wonderful educator listservs that provide answers to curriclum questions, support groups for subject and grade levels, and excellent resources. Some listservs are very active and other are not. Some , like the Reading Teacher listserv are wonderful places to ask for help and share resources with other teachers. Some educator listservs include:

CTAP (The California Technology Assistance Project) also has wonderful resources for educators. Visit their Web site and explore their resources.