Topic 3:  Technology Literacy and Research Tools


Assessing your Technology Literacy

California's Commission on Teacher Credentialling has developed a set of Technology Standards that will be required for all new and beginning teachers to get and renew their credentials. You can find out what those standards are by visiting the CA Technology Proficiency Standards for Certification Web site. If you are interested in knowing how your current technology profeciency matches these standards you can take the CTAP (California Technology Assistance Project Technology Proficiency Standards Assessment. This can help you better plan what skills you need to learn to effectively integrate technology, including use of the Internet into your classroom. If you want more information on how you can do this visit the Santa Clara County Office of Education's Internet Institute Web site.or the Leadership for Learning with Technology Web site.

Framing Essential Questions and Key Words for 


Essential questions are useful tools for conducting your own research or engaging students in learning. Your project for this course will be to create a WebQuest or Internet Scavenger Hunt that you will be able to use in your classroom with your students. If you are not a classroom teacher instead of Scavenger Hunt or WebQuest you can create a bookmark list of sites that are useful to you.

Before we tackle Advanced Searching Tips and Techniques it is important to know how to ask the right questions and choose the right keywords for your searches. Explore the following resources  from Jamie McKenzie's From Now On Web site. You will use this information to frame your essential questions and select the key words for your searches for your project.

Searching the Internet and effectively utilizing Web resources in the classroom or for your own personal research involves higher order critical thinking skills. We want to be able to evaluate, analyze and synthesize the information we find on the Internet. We also want to teach our students to do this. Explore the following Web sites on higher order thinking skills: