Topic 1: History of the Internet


1. Icebreaker
During the next five weeks I hope we will have a rich dialog about searching and researching the Internet. It is my hope that you all will share resources with each other and develop a collegial connection that will go beyond this course. Please go to the Forum and introduce yourself. Please include:

  • Name
  • School/District
  • Grade and Subject(s)
  • How you currently use the Internet for your own research and in your classroom
  • How  you access the Internet both at home and in your school (classroom or lab)
  • How many networked computers  you have available for student use
  • Do you have an Internet connection at school, if so where, and how many Internet connected computers do you have for student use?
  • How often do your students use the Internet?
  • What do you you see as the most important issue concerning the integration of Internet into the curriculum?
  • What you hope to learn in this class. Respond to one other personís posting. Comment on how they have used Internet and what they hope to learn.
2. Upload a photograph of yourself. This way we can all have the opportunity to "see" each other. If you need help with this, email a picture of yourself to me as an attachment and I'll upload it for you.