Project Based Learning
Linda Ullah, M.A., M.Ed.

Who are you?
Subject Area(s) you teach
Grade(s) you teach
What do you know about?
What do you want to know about PBL?
Do you currently use PBL in your classroom?

Life Is Project Based Learning
But where is the disconnect between life and school?
PBL is NOT New
Learning: an active process in which students construct new ideas or concepts based on their current knowledge.
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Seven Elements of Project-Based Learning
Standards Based
Student Centered
Real World Connection
Extended Time Frame

Six As of Project Based Learning
Academic Rigor
Applied Learning
Academic Exploration
Adult Connection
Assessment Practices

Another Way to Look at What is PBL

Compelling ideas
Problems presented in their full complexity
Students finding interdisciplinary connections between ideas
Students struggling with ambiguity, complexity, and unpredictability
Real-world questions that students care about

Support student autonomy
Students community of inquiry
Coursework in a social context
Students exhibit task- and time-management behaviors
Students direct their own work & learning
Students simulate the professional work

Investigative and engaging
Students multi-faceted investigations over long periods of time
Students encountering obstacles, seeking resources, and solving problems
Students making their own connections among ideas and acquiring new skills
Students using authentic tools
Students getting feedback from expert sources and realistic assessment

Real-world outcomes
Students generating complex intellectual products to demonstrate learning
Students participate in assessment
Students held accountable for competence
Students exhibiting growth in real-world competence

How Do I Begin?
Begin with an ³Essential Question²
What is important to your students
What is the deep learning--the enduring understanding
What are the necessary skills
Prerequisite knowledge (prior knowledge)
Prerequisite skills
Skills and knowledge to to be embedded into the project

Engage Students
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The Backwards Planning Process
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Your turn:
Short PowerPoint on your essential question at December CalMod meeting
3 minute presentation
Discussion and review