Meeting Standards with Technology Integration and Staff Development
Who Are We?
Are your classrooms as exciting as you want them to be?
Are your students fully engaged in learning 24/7?
...and still provide high quality deep learning experiences that meet standards?
Are you or your teachers as engaged in teaching and learning as  youıd like?
Where is Technology Used At Your School?
What Technology Do You Have?
How Do Students Use Technology?
How Do Teachers Use Technology?
What About Technology Staff Development?
Are your teachers well trained and using technology to enhance instruction and improve student learning?
Interesting Facts
6 Years Ago
"The Government's goal was:"
Interesting Thought
Critical Issues
Critical Issues
Does This Surprise You?
"After 20 years of training teachers to use new technologies, a large percentage of them report feeling ill prepared to use technologies in curriculum-rich ways.²
Why is this?
Research Shows:
Teachers who received 11 or more hours of curriculum-integration training are 5 times as likely to feel "much better prepared" to integrate technology into their classroom lessons than teachers that receive no such training.
Teachers who receive integration training are more likely to use software and the Internet to enhance instruction in their classroom.
How can we capture the attention of ³digital natives² in our classroom?
Letıs take a look at a program that is successfully helping teachers integrate technology-rich standards-based projects
Our center is Š
Our Objective
Strategic Goals
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"Technology Skills"
"SJSU IT Masters Degree Program"
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LINC-Fast Tech Classes
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Earn While You Learn Institute (EWYL)
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"EWYL Fellows Program"
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Numbers Affected by EWYL
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Numbers Affected by EWYL Fellows
(2005-2009 projected)
Letıs take a look at some of their great projects that areŠ
Exemplary Multimedia Projects
What can you do?
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