Cumlinating Projects

Health Presentation to Parents

  • As a class, students will decide what information they think is important for their families to understand. Then, pairs or groups of three will choose a topic to present to parents using visual aides, such as posters, relia or multimedia.

No-Garbage Lunch

Students will plan a no-garbage, nutritiously balanced lunch and snack to take with them on the first fieldtrip. In completing this project students will:

  • Calculate the total number of calories and grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Record the total number of ingredients and determine the number of preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes.
  • Decide which food group category the different components of their lunch belong to.
  • Calculate the total cost of their lunch.
  • Measure the amount of any garbage generated
  • Explain why they choose the foods and brands used to make their lunch and evaluate the taste of their lunch.

Student Store

  • As a class and grade level, students will make snack recommendations to the student store.

Intermediate Assessments

Quiz: Reading a nutritional label

  • Quiz with photocopied labels, students need to respond to questions that can be answered on the label.
  • Short answer: Why are nutrition labels useful/important. How can you use them to help you plan a healthy meal?

Quiz: Food groups

  • Identify what food group different foods belong to (matching, or short answer or computer?)
  • Explain at which level in the food pyramid different foods belong at.
Reflexion: Application
  • Journal: what we did/ your participation level/what you learned
  • Answer specific questions: How can you apply this in your life? How do you think changing your diet could change your health? What do you normally eat for breakfast-dinner now? What are your favorite food? What are the foods that make YOU feel healthy?