1. Because there are extreme differences in nutritional value among foods, food choice can seriously affect personal health.
  2. Many people base their food choice decisions on advertising by big companies that try to get people to buy packaged products that are frequently detrimental to one's personal health and the environment.

Hidden Villa requests that if at all possible students bring a no-garbage lunch with them on the fieldtrip. This request along with the healthy environment at Hidden Villa and all the physical activity, offers is a wonderful opportunity to teach students about the food they eat.

This unit is intended for the beginning of the year to start good eating habits for the school year, teach reciprocal teaching as a way to access information while reading and get students excited about math.

In this unit students will compare the nutritional value of favorite foods, learn about health problems related to poor diet and prepare a presentation for their families.

  1. Students can read nutritional labels and use this information to create and interpret graphs comparing different foods.
  2. Students can identify the food group for a wide variety of foods.
  3. Students can explain the benefits for a nutritious diet.
  4. Students can plan a healthy meal plan for themselves.
  5. Students can analyze food packaging to determine what part is reusable or recyclable.
  6. Students can determine the underlying message in a food advertisement.
  7. Students can decide what information they think is important for their families to understand and decide how to communicate this information to them.