Global Project Plan Template


1. Enter your project's name here:


2. Project Partners

*Biographical information (Yourself and your partner(s)


* Target Population and Number of Participants.

*Sponsoring Organization (if you've joined a project) and/ or
Partner School (if you are working with a partner school)

4. Rationale. (Why is the project important or worthwhile?)

* What are the main innovative features of your project?

5. Real World Connection

6. Enduring Understanding(s) (Deep Learnng)

7. Major Goals and Associated Standards.


8. Specific Objectives (based on goals and standards)

Who will do what by when

Use action verbs such as know, demonstrate, show.

How you will know when objective has been met

9. Assessment Strategies (How will you know when your objectives have been met? How will you continually adjust and improve this project when it is in progress?)




10. Collaboration

*How wil partner teachers collaborate?


*How will students work collaboratively?

--Within each classroom


--Between partner classrooms


*What parts of the project will be done together?


*What parts of the project will each class do independently?


*What experts will you collaborate with, and how will you do this?


*How will you communicate?

-- What tools will you use?

-- In what language will you communicate?  

-- How will you deal with language differences?  

-- How often will you communicate?  

11. Student Decision Making

* What parts of this project will students plan, organize, and do? What decisions will your students make?  

Students will:




*What parts of this project must teachers plan,organize, and do? What decisions will you and the other teachers make?  

Teachers will:




12. Task.

*Final product  

* How will you "publish" student work?  

* How will students share what they did with others?  

13. Project’s Activities. (What will the students do)? 

* How will students work with their partners or the project team you have joined?  

* First milestone or short term goal?  

* Tasks to accomplish this milestone (Who will do what by when)  

* Second milestone or short term goal  

* Tasks to accomplish this milestone (Who will do what by when)  

* Additional milestones (Continue to plan each milestone using the who will do what by when model.

* Estimated Timeline. (When should each stage of the project take place?)


14. What technology will be used to complete this project. Consider all hardware tools, websites and software.

Hardware (Computers/Peripheral Devises)
Currently Available, If So Where/How
Needed, If So Cost and Where to Get It


Software (Specify Whch Parner Will Use This)
Currently Available, If So Where/How
Needed, If So Cost and Where to Get It


Internet Resources(List URLs)
How will you make these available to your students?
If there is a charge for this resources, how much is it?

15. Estimated Budget.

* Cost to join a project  

* Cost of tools, and where they can be purchased, necessary to successfully complete the project  

* Proposed method of getting funding for this project (if needed)  

* How you might do this project if no funds are available. 

16. Constraints

*Concerns you have about this project.

*What to you envision as your greatest challenges?

*How might you continue this project if your partner cannot complete it?

*What roadblock or obstacles might prevent you from doing or finishing this project? How might you deal with these?

17. What kind of ongoing support do you envision needing to be successful?



18. How will you publish and showcase your project?

* How will you and your partners celebrate your success?


* What grants and awards might you apply for after you successfully complete this project?


* After successfully completing this project how might you continue, extend it?


* After sucessfully completing this project how might you help others who would like to try doing a global project with their students?


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