Topic 6: Beginning Your Project



WebQuests are powerfully motivating inquiry oriented learning opportunity for students. Some are commercially available to be joined either free or for a fee such as GreeceQuest. Others are teacher created. The basic WebQuest structure is:
  • Introduction
  • The Task
  • Process
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • Credits
  • Teacher Page

You can use theTemplate on Bernie Dodge's WebQuest site. I suggest you also read the Anatomy of the WebQuest Templates as well.

The two most well know authorities on Web Quests are Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University and Hal March. You can get more information on how to create and WebQuests on their Web sites and on some of the other WebQuest sites listed here:

More resources on WebQuest:

 IwebQuest- teacher created webquests and information about them. Also offer support to teachers that use these WebQuests.

Kathy Schrock's WebQuest resources -has both her own materials and resources created by other people.

Library of WebQuests from SESD : more than 1000 WebQuests and resources form Saskatoon (East) School Division.

WebQuest 101: tutorial from

WebQuest Locator: from Greater Essex County District, Canada

Library of WebQuests: from New Mexico State University

WebQuest Generator: from

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Filamentality and TrackStar

Filamentality is PacBell's online project site for educators. It allows educators to post Internet Scavenger Hunts (Treasure Hunts) for their students. It provides a fill-in-the-blank template to help educators create interactive Web sites that guide their students' learning. Take time to explore this site and learn how to create your own Filamentality Treasure Hunt.

TrackStar is another on–line tool that can be very useful for creating “Track”— annotated bookmark or reference lists. It can also be considered as on-line worksheet for Internet based activities (research). The registration is free. The site will provide you with easy-to-fill template that creates a web page with active links and text field beneath each of them. You can also link "Tracks" one to another creating multiple page web site. In addition, TrackStar offers searchable database of the pages created through the site by other teachers . Take a look at Chris Heumann's interactive tutorial on TrackStar. (If you use dial-up connection, check text-only version of this tutorial: )

TrackStar Original Tutorial

TrackStar Tutorial from University of Virginia

TrackStar Tutorial form Willard 2R schools with examples of teacher created Tracks.


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