SB 2042 Standard 16

Using Technology to Support Student Learning

16A   Each Participating Teacher (PT) interacts and communicates through a variety of electronic media.

16B   Each PT interacts, communicates with other professionals through a variety of methods including the use of computer-based collaborative tools to support technology-enhanced curriculum.

16C   Each PT uses technology resources inside classroom or in labs to create lessons aligned with curriculum. 

16D   Each PT designs, adapts and uses lessons which address information literacy and problem solving skills.

16E   Each PT uses technology in lessons to increase students’ ability to plan, locate, select and use information to solve problems and draw conclusions.        

16F   Each PT uses computer applications to manipulate and analyze data for assessing student learning and providing feedback to students and parents. 

16G   Each PT demonstrates competence in evaluating authenticity, reliability and bias of data, monitors, reflects and modifies use of technology as needed.




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