Integrating Technology into a Standards Based Curriculum

• Course Description
During the next five weeks you will create a standards-based, student-centered project that integrates student use of some form of technology into your classroom curriculum. I hope to encourage a rich interchange of ideas in the dialog chamber so that you can get to know your classmates, and share information and ideas that will be helpful to all of you

• Goals
In this course you will learn:
1. How you can effectively create academic and technology standards based units to use in your classroom with your students
2. How to identify effective elements of teaching integrating technology into your classroom
3. How to include the elements of project based learning in a technology rich environment
4. How to identify and use the best resources on the Internet for educators and students

• Instructor

Jackie Kawashima served as Technology Learning Coordinator for the Oak Grove School District. She is a former K-4 teacher who has integrated technology into her curriculum. She has extensive PC networking, troubleshooting and training experience and has been a member of the Leadership Team, Curriculum Developer and Trainer for the Santa Clara County Office of Education's Internet Institutes, facilitator for the CSU L2T Oak Grove School District Cohort and a Curriculum Developer and Facilitator for Classroom Connect's Connected University. As a Met Life Fellow for the Teacher's Network Policy Institute, she was involved in research in the area of staff development. She has a received a BA and a Master's Degree from San Jose State University.

• Text / Resources
Online resources are included in weekly topics.

• Grading Policy
This course consists of two one unit segments, both of which must be enrolled in concurrently. Over the five week period alloted for the course, you should plan on spending a total of 24 hours covering the material and developing your project. Your course participation and project will be assessed using this rubric.

• Beginning this Course
If you are new to online learning or to our Etudes interface you will want to take some time to learn how to navigate around this course. Over the next five weeks we will explore a variety of searching techniques and search engines.
Once inside the course, you will use the menu on the right hand side of each page. You can navigate by returning to the Table of Contents. There you will find links to the weekly activities.
After reading through the Course Description, return to the the Course Calendar located in the Table of Contents and click on the Warm Up for Topic 1 . You can then follow the links through the material for each topic. There are two topics for weeks one through four, and one topic for week five.

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