Each week student from Edenvale Elementary, Hayes Elementary, Davis Intermediate and Oak Grove High Schools met at the stone circle in Edenvale Gardens. We learned about native grasses, the Hayes family, the Ohlone, public art and the native birds and animals of South San Jose.

We worked cooperatively to pull weeds (imported plants),and plant poppies and native grasses. Students worked side by side with adults for the San Jose Fine Arts Council, scientists from the Elkhorn Slough, Mrs. Ullah from Edenvale School, Mr. Garcia, Principal of Hayes School and parents.

After working side by side to learn about our local history, our next project was to begin making multimedia products based on our experiences.

This picture shoes the native grasses we planted. The grasses are sitting on the stone wall designed by Anna Murch. The wall represents the Ohlone grindstones, and sits in the center of the circle of Oaks that Mary Hayes Chynoweth envisioned in a dream before she ever came to Edenvale.

The beauty of the landscape project the the Fine Arts Council of the City of San Jose sponsored, is the contrast of the native-like habitat with the neatly groomed lawn and gardens of the Hayes Renaissance Center.

We want to thank the Elkhorn Slough, the City of San Jose Fine Arts Council and artist Anna Murch for giving us the opportunity to participate in the project. The park is an important part of our community.

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