Edenvale School

G.A.T.E Program, Grades 3-6 (1991-1997)

Revisited: 2002

Linda Ullah, M. Ed., G.A.T.E. Teacher (1991-2000)

285 Azucar Ave. San Jose CA, 95111

Phone: (408) 227-7060, Fax: (408) 226-3706

eMail: lullah@garli.com


In April, 2002 a group of Edenvale 3rd through 6th graders and Mrs. Ullah began rebuilding the school's museum that was dismantled in June, 2000 due to the school's renovation. Because Mrs. Ullah now works at Foothill College's Center for Innovation the students, and their teacher, Mrs. Linda White each will receive one Foothill College unit for the project.


City of San Jose Council for Fine Arts Edenvale Gardens Project

SJEN Summer Institute Project and Web site

Unveiling of East Los Streetscapers Statue (Summer 1994 project) Statue is on Monterey Road just south of 280 where the road spits.

Beginning collaboration with the Santa Clara Valley Digital History Project

Edenvale School becomes one of 10 Satellite Ditigal Clubhouses in the Digital Clubhouse Network


Edenvale History HyperStudio Stacks

Multimedia Makers Projects

Edenvale Home Page for the Web

5th annual performance of "Edenvale, 95111 by Drama Club in colaboration with Santa Teresa High School


The Mysterious History of Eden Vale published (over $1000 earned in sales which helped support the schools "Adopt-A-College" scholarship program)

Edenvale Museum set up

Edenvale History Mural "contracted out"

HyperStudio Stacks and Documentary begun

3rd annual Living History Day, 4th annual performance of "Edenvale, 95111 by Drama Club

Eden Vale Productions formally set up


Research for local history book and other products continued

Rough drafts written and first rough drafts edited

Interviews with "old timers and local historians videotaped.

2nd annual Living History Day, 3rd annual performance of "Edenvale, 95111"by Drama Club


Research for local history book and other products continued.

Mac Media Center set up as a result of an Apple Crossroads


First rough drafts written

Teacher and students begin learning to use Macs

1st annual Living History Day, 2nd annual performance of "Edenvale, 95111" by Drama Club


Research begun for local history book

Edenvale School 25th Anniversary Celebration

Play "Eden Vale 95111" written ( and performed by Drama


Received Apple Crossroads Grant to publish local history book and HyperCard stacks