Banks of Historical San Jose, CA

Bank Of America Building


One of San Jose's earliest skyscrapers, this building has served as a local landmark since its construction in 1925-26. The Bank of America, originally known as the Bank of Italy, was founded by San Jose native A.P. Giannini, mindful of his origins, established his first out-of-town branch in San Jose. This handsome structure was designed by architect H.A. Minton as headquarters for the bank's San Jose branches.

Birthplace of

A.P. Giannini

Amadeo Peter Giannini, founder of the Bank of Italy-now the Bank of America-was born at 79 North Market Street on May 6, 1870. Perhaps San Jose's most famous native, Giannini is considered by many to be the greatest figure in American banking. A liberal in a conservative field, he revolutionized and humanized banking practices, creating the world's largest and most powerful branch-banking system while maintaining his commitment to the ideal of equal treatment and opportunity for all people.

Farmers Union Building

The Farmers Union corporation, established in this building in 1874, was once indispensable to San Jose's farming community. It served as an agricultural cooperative bank and, throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was chief general merchandiser to rural Santa Clara County. The hardware store weathered the depression by expanding its scope, selling "everything fore the home, garden, and farm." In 1961, with the waning of the agriculture in the valley, Farmers Union President John P. McEnry made the decision to develop the corporation's holdings as the new San Pedro Square.

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