Pueblo de San Jose

Peralta Adobe

The Peralta Adobe is the oldest Spanish structure in the downtown and the last tangible remnant of the Pueblo de San Jose. Purchased by the City of San Jose in 1966, the building was restored and the surrounding park completed in 1976. It continues to be maintained by the City and is treasured for its rich architectural and historical significance.

The Juzgado

On this site stood the Juzgado, or town hall, of the Pueblo de San Jose. Constructed of adobe in 1798, it housed the jail, the court and the offices of the comisionado and alcalde, and was the pueblo's primary governmental building. When Captain Thomas Fallon took possession of the town during the Mexican war, he signaled victory on July 14, 1846, by raising the U.S. Flag, the first to fly permanently in Santa Clara County, over the Juzgado.


Rancho Santa Teresa (Bernal Adobe)

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