Bernal Adobe Site

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by Mike Boulland

Baldwin Elementary School

When the Bernal family live at Rancho Santa Teresa, the Bernal men were reputed grizzly bear hunters. Imagine, once grizzlies roamed the Santa Clara Valley. It is said that the Bernal men hunted the grizzlies with lassos on horseback, and brought the bears back to the rancho alive. They tied these bears to an oak tree that still stands in Santa Teresa Park near where the Bernal Adobe stood. At roundup time the Bernals would attrack prospective cattle buyers to Rancho Santa Teresa by holding bear and bull fights.

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Santa Teresa Spring: According to legend, a black robed woman led Ohlone tribal leaders to this spring to cure the tribe of a mysterious illness. During the winter storms of 1997 the spring was covered over by fallen debris.

Dottie's Pond: According to local legend, one day a member of the Bernal family named Dottie was floating on an inner tube in the pond just below Santa Teresa Spring when out of the depths of the pond came a hand which grabbed her causing her to drown.

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