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In this unit, you will who was here first.
  As a member of a group you will create a Power Point project comparing and contrasting the lives of Native Americans before and after exploration and colonization.  Using that information,  you are going to imagine yourself as member of your tribe.   You will reflect  upon what you learned and contribute your reflection to a class book.  You will decide from several choices, how you want to show what you have learned. 


Before:     computer

We even begin learning about Native Americans, we have some things to do:

  • The class will take a survey to find out what each students already knows about technology.  We will learn how to use the Power Point program and then each of you will prepare Power Point presentation about yourself.  This will include your name, picture, family, favorites, and future.  These may be viewed by classmates and parents at Back to School Night, parent conferences, or other appropriate times.  
  • We will learn how to search on the Internet. You will complete a Scavenger Hunt  of the  Smithsonian web site.

Part One:
Research Native American Culture     magnifyingglass
  • Your group will chose a Native American tribe to research.
  • Each member of the group will research two or more areas topics. 
  • Each person will research the assigned topics and complete a graphic organizer, storyboard planner, and power point slide.
  • You will use the Internet to gather information on different areas of  life as a Native American. You will find information on:
  •           Location of Village                         Homes
  •           Clothing                                           Tools, Utensils
  •           Roles in the Family                         Food
  •           Traditions/Culture                           Legends
  •           Bibliography
  • The group will submit a group plan indicating what each member of the group will do.
  • Each member will keep a daily journal to record thoughts about the assignment, learning, problems, questions, or any thing else appropraite.
  • You will use a web or other graphic organizer to keep track of the information.
  • You will use that graphic organizer to fill out a storyboard to plan a power point program.
  • Teacher will approve storyboard.  See example
Part Two: Research Impact of Exploration and Colonization        magnifyglass1
  • Repeat steps from Part One, researching what happened to life for your tribe after the explorers and others came and began to colonize.
  • Again you will use the graphic organizer  to keep track of the information.
  • You will continue the storyboard including the changes that have happened.
  • Teacher will approve final storyboard.
Part Three :Create Power Point Project Compare and Contrast
  • Create and work on groups powerpoint
  • Present powerpoint
Part Four: Class Book     book
  • Now you are going to contribute a page to put yourself in the place of  a member of your tribe. As a member of the tribe you will decide how you want to show what you have learned. 
  • You have a choice of how you want to complete this:
                Write a diary as if you are a member of a Native American tribe.  Write about  your life before and after.
                Video diary of your life as a Native American
                Write, perform, and video a song illustrating your response to what you learned
                Multimedia interview of a Native Amercan.  
                Create a news report about meeting a Native American from the past who has just   been found.               
                Create a poem to respond
                Create a legend explaining what has happened.
  • Students will self-evaluate their own research and presentation.
  • Next time you meet someone new to the country or the class remember what happened to the Native Americans.

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